CHSOS Domain IV: Professional Role Development

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A. Professional Behavior and Capabilities

1. Promote positive communications and relationships

2. Demonstrate awareness of diversity issues (e.g. culture, gender, age)

3. Demonstrate awareness of interprofessional team dynamics

4. Demonstrate effective communication (e.g. interprofessional, interpersonal)

5. Awareness and adherence to policies and procedures

6. Advocates for simulation in local healthcare community

7. Understand and adhere to legal requirements of simulation

8. Understand ethical implications of simulation

9. Understand and adhere to regulatory requirements (e.g. student confidentiality, drug and device, research)

10. Demonstrate leadership capabilities (e.g. assume a leadership role in activity, serve as a mentor for a novice operations specialist)

B. Life-long learning Strategies

1. Participate in professional development (e.g. conferences and courses)

2. Maintain appropriate credentials

3. Demonstrate involvement in the simulation community

4. Maintain knowledge of new product research and development

5. Awareness of current and emerging simulation practices (e.g. evidence-based practice, technologies, and techniques)

C. Research and Innovation

1. Support research activities (e.g. abstracts/posters, data collection, and grant applications)

2. Understand the role of qualitative and quantitative research

3. Assist with development of new uses of simulation technology