CHSOS Domain V: Instructional Design and Theory

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A. Understand principles of Adult Learning Theory (e.g. Bloom's taxonomy, learning styles)

B. Understanding principles of instructional design

1. Problem identification

2. Needs assessment

3. Identification of goals

4. Creation of learning objectives

5. Implementation

6. Evaluation

C. Understanding principles of debriefing and feedback

D. Integrate principles of Instructional Design

1. Evaluates session content and recommends modifications

2. Research and develop content collaboratively

3. Collaborates with content experts to ensure sessions are aligned and consistent with instructional design

4. Assist in the development of supplemental materials (e.g. use of checklists and templates)

5. Assist in testing/piloting of new sessions collaboratively

6. Assist with development of assessment tools collaboratively

7. Collaborate with content experts for debriefing and feedback