IMSH 2013 Vision Statement drafted

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Simulation Technology Specialist SIG Vision for IMSH 2013

IMSH 2012 was a major success for the Technology and Technicians Special Interest Group. Thanks to a last-minute programming scramble by a taskforce of society members, we were able to add a significant number of technically-focused sessions to the conference. Our annual SIG meeting was extremely well attended, revealing the technical workforce to be passionate and dedicated to the society. Additionally, with the encouragement of SSH leadership, the newly renamed Technology Specialists SIG began brainstorming a plan to raise awareness of and participation in the simulation technician workforce. IMSH 2013 will be a milestone within the Technology Specialists SIG’s plan. As in previous years, our members will offer technology content via IMSH poster submissions, workshops and podium presentations. This content will focus on showcasing specific technical achievements and practices, intended for general society consumption. In addition we will be offering Technical Workforce Content, focusing on the development and evolution of the role of the simulation technician. These sessions will come in two major forms: Technical Workforce Development and Technical Workforce Training. Technical Workforce Content sessions will be by invitation and will take place both during the IMSH conference proper, as well as during several pre-conference sessions. All sessions would be submitted, reviewed and approved by the Technology Specialists SIG. Technical Workforce Development sessions will continue the meta-conversation around the role of the simulation technician. These panel sessions, debates and brainstorming workshops will aim to create goals and plans that spread beyond the IMSH conference; as such, this content is intended for the entire society. Specific sessions could focus on developing: a simulation technician job description, a rubric for technical training, or a template for simulation technician certification. Our hope is that these sessions will help invigorate and give direction for the SIG’s activities in 2013. A Technical Workforce Training session will be hands-on and specific to a certain skill, technique or technology. These workshops are intended for the professional development of simulation technicians working in the field. Possible topics include: audio and video theory and practice, DIY simulator tweaks, open source solutions, moulage, IT best practices, etc. All of the plans outlined above are the first steps toward the SIG’s goal of having an IMSH 2014 pre-conference symposium on Technology and Technicians. We see IMSH 2013 as an opportunity to experiment and learn about programming logistics and development. The ideas generated from IMSH 2013 Technical Content will fuel our hope to make the simulation technician community one of the pillars of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. Area Topics IMSH 2013 Sessions Submission Process Technology Workforce Development focusing on the development and evolution of the role of the simulation technician • Nomenclature • Staffing and Recruitment • Position Descriptions • Compensation • Certification of Technology Workforce Four 2-hour pre-conference courses Series of Technology Workforce Development Sessions (10 sessions) Invitational Sessions by SIG Technology Workforce Training hands-on and specific to a certain skill, technique or technology • audio-video theory & practice • DIY simulator tweaks • open source solution • moulage • IT best practices, etc. Individually submitted Sessions Series of Orientation To Simulation Technology Sessions (3-4 Sessions) Reviewed by IMSH 2013 committee SIG-Created Technology Content showcasing specific technical achievements and practices, intended for general society consumption • existing simulation technology • future simulation technology Technology Innovation Abstracts Demonstrations Podium Presentations Workshops Poster Presentations Reviewed by IMSH 2013 Committee The Technology Specialist SIG will assist the IMSH 2013 Committee in recruiting potential reviewers for the Technology Content submissions. In addition, the SIG would greatly appreciate access to all technology-focused proposals in order to identify potential presenters for SIG-generated Technology Workforce Development sessions.