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===Leadership Development===
===Leadership Development===
*[[Growing as a Leader in Simulation Operations (Panel Presentation at SimOps 2017 Lansing, Michigan)]]
*[[Growing as a Leader in Simulation Operations (Panel Presentation at SimOps 2017 Lansing, Michigan)]]
==Standards of Practice==
===INASCL Standards of Best Practice===
From [http://www.inacsl.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3407 INASCL Standards of Best Practice]
*[http://www.nursingsimulation.org/article/S1876-1399(16)30126-8/fulltext Simulation Design]
*[http://www.nursingsimulation.org/article/S1876-1399(16)30127-X/fulltext Outcomes and Objectives]
*[http://www.nursingsimulation.org/article/S1876-1399(16)30128-1/fulltext Facilitation]
*[http://www.nursingsimulation.org/article/S1876-1399(16)30129-3/fulltext Debriefing]
*[http://www.nursingsimulation.org/article/S1876-1399(16)30130-X/fulltext Participant Evaluation]
*[http://www.nursingsimulation.org/article/S1876-1399(16)30131-1/fulltext Professional Integrity]
*[http://www.nursingsimulation.org/article/S1876-1399(16)30132-3/fulltext Simulation-Enhanced Interprofessional Education (Sim-IPE)]
*[http://www.nursingsimulation.org/article/S1876-1399(17)30294-3/fulltext Simulation Operations (NEW as of Fall 2017!!!)]
==Development of the Profession==
==Development of the Profession==

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About this site

Behind the Sim Curtain is a 100% volunteer-run project dedicated to the supporting the professional development of individual sim techs and the development of the profession for all simulation operation specialists.

Who are we? We go by many names .....

Sim Tech,

Simulation Technologist,
Simulation Technology Specialist,
Simulation Operation Specialist,
Stage Manager of Medical Theater,
Jack of all Trades ....

No matter what we are called, we are the people working behind the scenes to get the technology out of the way of the education.

Professional Development

Professional Certification

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare has two types of certification, one for educators and one for simulation operation specialists. There is a fair bit of overlap between the positions, but also some differences in focus.

Formal Education

Leadership Development

Development of the Profession

Job Descriptions

The California Statewide Health Occupations Advisory Committee did a job analysis and created two DACUM job profiles:

If you're a member of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, there are some job descriptions in the Resources Library http://www.ssih.org/SSIH/SSIH/Resources/ResourceLibraries

If you're a member of SimGHOSTS, there are some more job descriptions posted at http://www.simghosts.org/subscribers/documents/


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We use the the same software as Wikipedia (MediaWiki) and encourage everyone who works behind the sim curtain to become active members of this community-driven resources.

About Us

This is the second version of Behind the Sim Curtain - the original website was created by Kam McCowan in 2007 to showcase a collection of tricks of the trade.

That content is still available online and is in the process of being moved to Open Source Sim http://www.opensourcesim.org , a website for creating and sharing ideas that make our lives easier!