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Who are we? We go by many names .....

   Simulation Operation Specialist, 
   Simulation Technology Specialist,
   Sim Tech, 
   Stage Manager of Medical Theater, 
   Jack of all Trades .... 

  We are professional generalists that work behind the sim curtain .... 

This community-based resource is committed to the professional development of individual sim techs as well as the development of the profession for all simulation operation specialists.

Development of the Profession

Tools of the Trade

Background and "Just in Time" Reference Information

As the "stage managers of medical theaters", sim techs thrive on being in the middle of the venn diagram of healthcare, education, technology, and theater.

It's our job to get the technology out of the way of the educators, and to do so, we have to be comfortable in all these fields.





Professional Development Resources

Professional Certifications from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH)

Formal Certification and Degree Programs

Online Courses

  • Simulation Lessons, University of Washington [1]

Related Blogs

  • Clinical Playground (Eric Baumann) [2]
  • Duke Sim Center [3]
  • Games and Simulation in Healthcare [4]
  • Healthy Simulation (Lance Bailey) [5]
  • Mobile Sim [6]
  • Patient Simulation [7]
  • SimLog [8]
  • SimSingularity (Jeff Taekman) [9]

About Behind the Sim Curtain

We use the the same software as Wikipedia (MediaWiki) and encourage Simulation Operation Specialists and Technicians to become active members of this community-driven resources.

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This is the second incarnation of Behind the Sim Curtain. The original incarnation of Behind the Sim Curtain was a Google Site that showcased a collection of tricks of the trade. That content has migrated to a new wiki called Open Source Sim